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Monster Halloween
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Halloween fun for kids and adults alike coloring monsters, zombies, ghosts, witches, vampires, mummies, and all kinds of various undead ghouls. This coloring book also features Lucky the Cat mostly running in fear and terror of the many scary poltergeists. Laugh at the crazy cartoon cat and the silly classic monster movie parodies and nutty captions. This book also mixes in general Halloween images such as jack o' lanterns pumpkins, aliens, trick or treating, bats, and skeletons. There's even a page thrown in for good measure that features a couple of unicorns to really terrify you.  More Coloring Books

Coloring book examples from Monster Halloween Coloring Book

Cat Dracula
Back cover featuring Cat Dracula

Mummy advises you to listen to your Mummy!
Monster party
Lucky cat on a flying broom with mummies, a witches, robot, alien,
and a dancing skeleton in the background.
Cartoon Penguin
Lucky Cat's penguin pal trying to scare the public with his scary boo!
Surfing monster
Lucky Cat and monster surfing!
Three Zombies
The Three Zombies!

Monster Halloween
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