Lucky Cat's Christmas Coloring Book

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Coloring page examples from Lucky Cat's Christmas coloring book.
Christmas Coloring Book
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 Lucky Cat Christmas Decorations
Lucky Cat with various Christmas decorations.
   Mary and Joseph
Mary and Joseph on the first Christmas. Mary sits on top of a mule while Joseph walks. 
Merry Christmas
Lucky Cat's family at Christmas time in front of a Christmas tree. 
Santa Claus and Lucky Cat
Lucky standing next to Santa Claus with his bag full of toys. 

Christmas Coloring Book
Buy Lucky Cat's Christmas Coloring Book at Amazon

Enjoy coloring Christmas art any time of the year with this Lucky Cat cartoon style drawings and art coloring book. It features Santa Claus, snow men, the first Christmas, Christmas trees, bells, presents, ornaments, reindeer, stars, stockings hung on the chimney, snow flakes, and various Christmas designs and themes.

There's lots of fun characters including Fido the Dog, Lucky Cat Jr., Lucky's wife Alley Cat, Milo the Martian Mouse, the Zorks alien eggs from space, Humpty Dumpty, Tubby the Cat, a penguin, and even a Christmas Bunny.

There are 49 fun pages to color. The book features the standard Christmas imagery such as Santa Claus going down a chimney, but also adds some humor with Santa surfing on a wave, a snow man skiing down a mountain out of control, and Uncle Sam asking you to have a "Merry Christmas".

You will also be able to color various toys such as stuffed bears, Jack-in-the-box, toy horses, and more.