Alley Cats Choking on Smoking and Going Broke for a Smoke

Lucky Cat's friends
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The Alley Cats are Lucky's nephews and they are every bit as clumsy as Lucky. This is their first book which doubles as a cool anti-smoking book for kids. Lucky stars in the back-up feature where he runs into some pretty amazing looking creatures from space.

Alley Cats
Teach kids the dangers of smoking cigarettes with this funny comic book on sale at Amazon.  Kindle version

Alley Cats are two lovable brothers who just happen to be cats. In this first book, Stretch has a big problem with smoking and only Shorty and a few unfortunate incidents can convince Stretch he really needs to throw his cigarettes away. It’s done in comic book/comic strip format that’s a fun read for adults and kids as well. It’s an anti-smoking message that gets its message across while making you laugh with its slightly irreverent humor. Will Stretch quit smoking or forever find himself unable to breathe the fresh air of a smokeless lifestyle? Following Stretch’s lesson on the dangers of smoking and the vast amounts of pain that a large bus can create on the body, the boys’ Uncle Lucky faces off against an alien invasion from outer space. Is it real, or is it all a bad dream? Maybe if Lucky asks that alien sitting next to him, he might find out the answer.