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These site features children's books that will help your child learn and have fun while reading, using awesome cartoon characters that your kid will love. Welcome to Lucky Cat's Home.

Lucky is the star of his own book series as well as his own youtube channel. Like Lucky at Facebook.

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Order the Alley Cats Anti-Smoking book at Amazon

The Alley Cats are Lucky's nephews and they are every bit as clumsy as Lucky. This is their first book which doubles as a cool anti-smoking book for kids. Lucky stars in the back-up feature where he runs into some pretty amazing looking creatures from space. more on the Alley Cats' new book.

Uncle Sam and Humpty Dumpty
Order Uncle Sam Teaches Humpty Dumpty Early American History at Amazon
Kids learn early American history as taught by Uncle Sam to Humpty Dumpty. It's a fun romp through time that teaches children the basics of early United States history from the signing of the Declaration of Independence, the writing of the Constitution, the Revolutionary War, the move out west, and the Battle of the Alamo to the Civil War. Lucky Cat joins in the fun as well.
More on Uncle Sam Teaches Humpty Dumpty Early American History


Monster Halloween
Buy Monster Halloween Coloring Book

Halloween fun for kids and adults alike coloring monsters, zombies, ghosts, witches, vampires, mummies, and all kinds of various undead ghouls. This coloring book also features Lucky the Cat mostly running in fear and terror of the many scary poltergeists. Laugh at the crazy cartoon cat and the silly classic monster movie parodies and nutty captions. This book also mixes in general Halloween images such as jack o' lanterns pumpkins, aliens, trick or treating, bats, and skeletons. There's even a page thrown in for good measure that features a couple of unicorns to really terrify you.  More Coloring Books   Coloring page examples from Monster Halloween


Lucky isn't always the sharpest tool in the shed, but he means well. Check out Lucky's educational books.

Lucky Cat ABC Book
 Learn the ABC's with Lucky Using Food
Help your child learn the alphabet with this simple yet fun ABCs book filled with colorful images of food and cartoon characters featuring Lucky the Cat and his friends. 

Humpty Dumpty
Buy Humpty Dumpty's Guide to Healthy Eating for Kids

Educating young readers about healthy food choices using the classic fairy tale character, Humpty Dumpty along with new cartoon characters the two eggs from space Zork and Zork, and Lucky the Cat.   Also available in coloring book format. More on Humpty's Book

Have fun coloring with Lucky Cat.

With Lucky Cat's Patriotic Coloring Book  have lots of fun while celebrating America with this coloring book that features 34 patriotic and funny images. It's filled with cartoon type laughs with Lucky the cat and his cartoon friends, whom are surrounded by wonderful patriotic symbols to color. Within you'll find the Statue of Liberty, the American flag, Uncle Sam, George Washington, the Liberty Bell, and more.
Lucky Cat Patriotic
Example pages from Lucky Cat's Patriotic Coloring Book

Christmas Coloring Book
Buy Lucky Cat's Christmas Coloring Book at Amazon

Enjoy coloring Christmas art any time of the year with this Lucky Cat cartoon style drawings and art coloring book. It features Santa Claus, snow men, the first Christmas, Christmas trees, bells, presents, ornaments, reindeer, stars, stockings hung on the chimney, snow flakes, and various Christmas designs and themes.

There's lots of fun characters including Fido the Dog, Lucky Cat Jr., Lucky's wife Alley Cat, Milo the Martian Mouse, the Zorks alien eggs from space, Humpty Dumpty, Tubby the Cat, a penguin, and even a Christmas Bunny.

There are 49 fun pages to color. The book features the standard Christmas imagery such as Santa Claus going down a chimney, but also adds some humor with Santa surfing on a wave, a snow man skiing down a mountain out of control, and Uncle Sam asking you to have a "Merry Christmas".

You will also be able to color various toys such as stuffed bears, Jack-in-the-box, toy horses, and more.